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30 min on hands and feet. With sugar scrub add on

$50.00  30 mins

Therapeutic Massage

Medium pressure massage, while incorporating a variety of therapeutic techniques. May apply deeper pressure.

$100.00+  1 hr+


Lymphatic Drainage

A very light Massage helps to move the fluid by gently pumping it back into the lymph vessels, reducing the swelling and fluid retention. This service is great for post surgery or for someone that suffers from any type of edema.

$90.00  1 hr


Stretch Therapy

Full body assisted stretch that helps increase flexibility and range of motion. ***Please come in workout out clothes or loose fitting clothes***

$50.00  30 mins


Prenatal Massage

A relaxing massage. Will be mostly side-lying with body pillows to help keep the mommy to be as comfortable as possible.

$75.00+  1 hr+


Mindful De-Stress Massage

Helps with pain alleviation and destress using pain relieving ointment

$120.00+  1 hr+


Hot Stone

Warm heated stoned used throughout the whole massage.

$100.00+  1 hr+


Deep Tissue

Very firm pressure using slow strokes over the entire body. Using my body weight and my knuckles forearms and elbows. This is for clients more familiar with this type of massage.

$150.00+  1 hr+

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Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning is a chemical-free exfoliation treatment, that leaves the skin ultra-smooth, fresh and glowing. Your aesthetician will use a blunt tip, sterile blade to carefully exfoliate the outermost layer of skin, in effect “shaving” off the dead skin cells and the soft light-colored “vellus” hairs of the upper lip, cheeks, and sides of the face.

$120.00 1 hr


Signature Facial

This facial includes a deep cleansing, extractions, mask, serums, hydration and sun protection.

$80.00 1 hr


Gentlemens Facial

Catered to the specific needs of a man's face! Includes a deep cleansing, extractions, custom mask, hydration and sun protection.


$90.00 1 hr


Teen Facial

An excellent way to introduce skin care to your teen! This facial is customized to their skin type.

$60.00 1 hr


Back Facial

The perfect treatment for when you want to show some skin! 45 minutes of steam, extractions, mask, and a little massage.

$75.00 1 hr


Body Treatments







Body Exfoliator

Its time for the EXFOLIATOR! Full body exfoliation used with a dry brush, followed by a light massage with a hydrating body scrub(salt or sugar) followed by a hydrating body butter.

$60.00  1 hr

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Lymphatic drainage package

 10 lymphatic for $500

30-45 min session

*Packages are non refundable*

*Memberships are non refundable*

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